Level 3 Certified Xactimate®
Ron, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know, I now have a level 2 Certification from Xactimate…Your class was a great help as I never would’ve passed without your excellent teaching..

Hello Ron.  I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for making such a fantastic course available to people like me with no experience.  You may want to hold on to the attachment as a good testimonial for your course.  No experience with Xactware before your course, novice to adjusting and now Level 2 Certified in Xactware just 2 days after taking your course.  Thanks again Ron! 

Gerald Meyer
I took Ron’s class just over 6 weeks ago. I’ve used the workbook and sample tests that Ron provided to practice these past few weeks and I just completed and passed Level 1, 2 and 3 Xactimate Certification Exams.My experience in Xactimate was limited prior to taking Ron’s class but at the end of the 3rd day I was confident I could continue on my own and become proficient.  What separates this class from the others is the limited # of students which allows for personal instruction and his commitment to help you in the weeks to follow to answer questions and give guidance. Ron’s an adjuster and he teaches you from that mindset but at the same time prepares you for the certification exams.  Regardless of your level of experience this class will pay huge dividends!!

Hilon Smith lll
I am a 5 years experienced adjuster but lacked the necessary skills to effectively estimate a claim using Xactimate sketch. This class gave me those skills. The class is taught by an experienced level 3 certified adjuster who focuses on real world estimating in sketch. Small class size and one on one training is a most. This class will greatly increase my productivity and pay for itself.

Dana Ensminger
I am an adjuster experienced in Xactimate and had attended two Xactimate classes prior to this one. With the additional knowledge learned from this class, especially in sketch, I was able to obtain my Xactimate Certification. I would highly recommend this class to adjusters just starting out or seasoned adjusters needing to increase their skills in Sketch.

Rodney Couch, Athens, GA
I am a newly licensed adjuster and I was waiting on this class before I began training. After taking the May 2009 class I was able to complete the assignments quickly and competently. This was my first experience with
Xactimate V25 and I have had no problems in writing estimates with sketch. Ron presented the material in an easy to understand format. He took the extra time on topics that the class had questions about. I do not believe there is a better class anywhere than this one even at twice the price.

Linda Barnhorst
Prior to this class I had computer skills and was proficient in several applications but had never used Xactimate After the 3 day class I was able to complete an estimate from start to finish using sketch. At the end of the class there were practice problems assigned to us so we could continue practice what we had covered over the 3 days. We were also given the instructors email for any questions relating to the exercises. This class is unique in its small class size and individual instruction.
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