Day One:
Morning Session
On the first day of Xactimate®28 training, we begin by covering an overview of a complete estimate from start to finish. This demonstrates the proper approach of attacking an estimate. We first set up the default parameters for an insurance carrier or contractor for overhead and profit, base service charges, taxes, depreciation and labor efficiencies. We then set up construction parameters. Once this is accomplished we move to the Modules Tab and build a self populating fee bill in Excel and a final report in Word using Xactimate 28 Tokens and the fee bill and final report supplied by the insurance carried.

Next we cover importing company logos, entering opening statements and setting up personnel profiles for the claims representative and estimator. We then cover how to build profiles for multiple carriers. At this point we have completed the file management portion of Xactimate 28 and each time an estimate is received from a carried the Estimator log in to Xactimate 28 under the profile for that carrier, downloads, Data Transfers, or manually enters the Insured’s and policy information and goes straight to Sketch to begin building the estimate.

Afternoon Session
In the afternoon session we start by learning basic Xactimate sketch skills. It is demonstrated that the same basic sketch processes used for building Floor Levels and Rooms are used in building Roofs. Therefore, mastering basic sketch is a must. We then move on to buildings an estimate in Sketch for a simple residential home. We first build the foundation level. Then by utilizing the copy from Underlay tool in Xactimate 28 we add a main level, second floor and the roof. This demonstrates that the Tree, as it is referred to in Xactimate 28, is built automatically through sketch eliminating the need for the estimator to build it manually. We then drag and drop the level folders of the Tree to obtain the proper file order required by the carrier.

We then move on to more complicated floor plans and add doors, windows and missing walls. Techniques that allow the user to drop multiple door and windows with preset properties, move the position of the doors and windows, or modify properties after they are dropped are covered. Next we cover decks and stairs. The remainder of the day is spent practicing sketching Flood plains. Several examples are covered that demonstrate the proper approach to utilizing Xactimate 28 sketch tools to quickly and effectively complete the sketch.

Day Two:
Morning Session
Day two will begin with a review of the Xactimate training of day one. Firstly, we will cover file management along with Data Transfers multiple uses. The attendees will then build a simple tree in sketch and practice one of the more complicated sketches from the previous day. At this point the process of building a more complicated tree is introduced. A floor plan of a condominium is sketched by using the advanced image underlay tools of Xactimate 28. This allows the user to scan and import floor plan sketches from condo associations or property appraiser WebPages and scale and draw to sketch.
The remainder of the morning is spent on graphical estimation. Attendees will learn to complete an entire estimate using graphical estimation from sketch. Xactimate 28 allows the user to enter material list using graphical estimation in 3-D View. It is demonstrated how these 3-D view showing material list can be printed to the estimate. Adding framing, wiring, plumbing, and insulation siding using will be covered. The attendee wills produce macros to create templates for similar estimates that automatically update material list when floor is resized.

Afternoon Session
The afternoon section is devoted to sketching roofs. The attendee will utilize the skills acquired from basic sketch along with the advanced tools included in Xactimate 28 to quickly master sketching roofs. The discussion begins with the proper method of identifying the size and type of the main roof and then subs roofs. Xactimate 28 includes multiply input options for dimensioning roofs minimizing the number of dimensions required to be taken in the field. These will be covered along with samples of several roofs and discussions on how best to approach the sketch of the roof.

Adding material including trusses to the roofs using graphical estimation will be covered next. Reference search will be used to find difficult to find materials. The efficient methods of adding waste factors, step charges and high charges will then be covered.

Day Three:
Morning Session
The morning of day three of Xactimate® 28 training will begin with a review of day one and two with the remainder of the morning devoted to Advanced Sketch of floor plans and roofs. A systematic approach of identifying and sketching the risk will be covered in detail. The attendee will learn to take an estimate and produce templates for use in future. The estimator retrieves the template, resizes the room or roof sketch and the material list will auto update

Afternoon Session
The afternoon section allows the attendee to work on any areas of Xactimate 28 they choose including any estimated they are currently working on. When a topic is presented that would be beneficial to the class as a hold the topic will be covered. At the end of the course attendees will be given a take home test that fully covers the three day class. The instructor will be available by email for assistance.

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