Contractors are increasingly using Xactimate 27 to develop professional estimates for their customers. If you are a contractor in the insurance repair market or are considering expanding into this exciting market it is imperative you know Xactimate. Over 80 percent of insurance repair contractors use Xactimate sketch and estimate programs. And for good reason, over 80 percent of the property insurance companies require estimates to be written in Xactimate. When the contractor and insurance company are both using Xactimate they are on the same page. If the contractor is proficient at Xactimate this can greatly increase their bottom line. Insurance companies pay to restore the property back to the condition prior to the loss. Contractors mostly are more familiar with what it takes to accomplish this and often product estimate with a higher bottom line than the insurance adjuster. If the contractors and adjusters estimate are both written in Xactimate and contractors estimate is accurate that is the estimate the insurance company will pay on.

Xactimate training is also excellent for the contractors remodeling and new construction estimates. It provides a professional estimate complete with the contractor’s company logos and company information to provide to the customer. What if scenarios can quickly be accomplished using Xactimate. If the contractor has provided the customer with a proposal and the customer wants the estimate re-priced for something as simple as different type counter tops to something as complicated as changing from a one to a two story this can be accomplished in Xactimate in a matter of a few minutes. In the insurance repair market the contractor is writing the estimate and maximizing the bottom line by including all cost of the repairs. In the remodeling and new construction market the bottom line is more often driven by the market conditions. The contractor first writes the estimate in Xactimate to capture all cost, adds overhead and profits and then adds a factor to obtain the desired market price. All with a few clicks.

The third market that a contractor participates in is storm work. When hurricanes hit there is not an adequate supply of adjusters to complete estimates within the required time limit required by law. The innovative contractor who has trained their estimators to write estimates in Xactimate can achieve a significant boost in income over a short period of time during these periods.
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